You’ve Got A Sign, Now Where Do You Put It?

billboard marketing If you’re in the process of purchasing a new sign for your company, you should also consider where you are going to put it when its finished. While the content of the sign is important, the location is crucial. Signs should be placed somewhere that is visible to a significant amount of potential customers as well as relatively close to the business in case customer want to stop in after seeing the sign.

To grab the attention of passing motorists you want to place your sign close to the street. This sign should be big enough for people in cars to see and read quickly as they pass by. Bright colors and bold words are the perfect types of content for a street-side sign. Make sure the sign is high enough off the ground that snow or other cars can’t block it. This type of sign should also be weatherproof for long lasting brand awareness.

You can also put your sign right on the side of your building if a lot of people walk or drive past it, This is perfect for businesses located on corner lots, where the side of their building it exposed. This often means that there is a lot of open space to work with and the sign can be large with eye-catching graphics and wording. Like the street0side sign, this sign should be weatherproof and most importantly, securely anchored to the side of your building. Make sure all four corners are secure sot he wind can’t flip the sign or fold it over covering up your messaging.

In bigger cities or downtown areas it might not be possible to have your sign close to the street or on the side of your building. But don’t worry; if you have space in your front windows or on the front of your building, these are also great places for a sign. Signs placed on the inside of a front window don’t have to be weatherproof and can be changed more frequently. However, a sign placed on the building above the windows or door can become an identifier for customers about your location and what your company has to offer.

The most important element of sign placement is that potential customers can see it. You want the public to know who you are and what services or products you offer. Having a sign made was a great first step, now put it in the right place for long-term success!

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