Major Sign Mistakes To Avoid

Brand Awareness A sign can be a huge piece of marketing for your brand, increasing brand awareness and generating sales – if done correctly. When creating a sign for your company, make sure to avoid detrimental, customer-deterring  mistakes.



Vinyl or plastic banners can be a cost effective decision, but they often don’t hold up against the wear and tear. Wooden signs are a solid choice, but if they aren’t properly sealed they can warp and fade if exposed to the elements. Once you decide where the sign is going, make sure the material you choose can last for an extended amount of time in that environment.



Take a step back from the design of the sign and make sure there isn’t too much going on. You want potential customers to be able to read the sign, understand the message and receive a distinct action item. For example, if you sign says “Call Today!” make sure that phrase and your company phone number are big enough to read from a distance. Avoid a dizzying, overwhelming display which can drown out a message.

It’s easy to get caught up in the colors, pictures and design on a sign, buts it’s important to remember which information you want to convey. The fewer words the better, with eye-catching colors or graphics is a good start to a successful sign. Working with sign design professionals as well can help you develop your idea into a tangible sign you can use to increase business.


Location! Location! Location!

Sign placement is very crucial. You want to advertise for your physical location within a close radius. There would no point in buying advertising 100 miles from your location. No matter how good of a deal you get on sign placement, you not be seeing a return on that investment. And you aren’t making dollars, you aren’t making sense. “Wrapping” your vehicles- or prominently displaying your company signage on any company vehicles you may have- can also serve as free advertising. This lets you reach your market around town as you’re driving around anyway.

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