Different Types of Engraving To Consider

There are 2 main types of engraving that you may want to consider when going to your local awards shop. The first is rotary engraving. It is a process in which a bit similar to a drill bit physically scratches the surface of coated metal exposing the color of the metal underneath. The most common is very shiny black plate. The engraver scratches the black down to the brass underneath leaving a shining brass color against a black background. With rotary engraving it leaves a texture to the lettering or graphic that has more surfaces that can glimmer in the light much like a diamond. Laser engraving is the process of a finely focused laser burning away the top layer exposing the underneath color. With laser engraving you do not get the glimmer effect that you get with rotary engraving. It is almost like the lettering or graphic were printed and leaves a flat look. Rotary is much slower and used less because laser can be up to 12 times faster. At Identity Signs, Tees and Awards we use the latest rotary engraving system that leave a 3 dimensional look and feel. Yes it is slower but the glimmer effect of rotary over laser is worth it. We only want the best going out the door. Our reputation is going with it.

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