Custom Commercial Business & Corporate Office Signs

As a commercial sign company in Raleigh, North Carolina, Identity Signs knows that first impressions matter. Your business sign reflects your company, and communicates a message to the public. With so much competition these days, your sign needs to be clear, concise and attractive.

You can have a variety of options when you put colorful graphics on your store front windows. If you feel that your street view image is getting a bit tired try changing the colors of your store window graphics.
You will notice that your customers will say “I didn’t even know you were here and I drive by all the time”.

Our custom business signs enhance the image of your business, increasing its name recognition. People notice when a business gets a new sign; isn’t it time you replaced your old business sign with a fresh one?

Our latest project:

Word Center Church contracted Identity Signs for their outside building sign, window decals and interior graphics in the sanctuary.


Identity Signs has the experience, skill and materials to create your new, custom business sign. Give us a call today at 919-873-1188 or email us at
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