Best Means to Promote Your Business for Free

Media Marketing Promoting your business doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. There are plenty of promotional options that are free for business to utilize. And, when implemented correctly these tactics can increase brand awareness and customer base.

Reaching out to local media If you have just opened your business can get you coverage right out of the gate and even plug your grand opening. In doing so, consider your approach carefully. For example, if you are an existing business, think about how you are helping your customers, if you have anything new to offer or if there is any other newsworthy topic you could share with the media.

As far as an internet presence, you can use your Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to drive traffic to your website free of charge. Potential customers are on these social networks looking for products and services, creating the perfect place to share your message. You can share content about local activities, case studies, new products you’re offering and industry news that followers and fan find valuable in real time, as they come out.

Volunteering for a cause in your community can help you network, spread the word about your business as well as give back. You will be able to help people or animals while also connecting with likeminded individuals and potentially even community leaders. Non-profit organizations are always looking for help so finding an opportunity that aligns with your interests will be easy and rewarding for you and your company.

As a business owner you are a leader in your company and local industry. Offering to speak at local events further positions you and your business as a thought leader. You could speak about trends in your community, how your products or services are affecting families in your town, or anything else that is beneficial for people to hear. High schools and community groups are always looking for speakers that are local and motivational.

Taking advantage of free ways to promote your business get you more exposure and increase your revenue. When done correctly, these tactics are effective and a great way get a lot of value for virtually no up-front investment. For any business with a limited budget, these are very resourceful and efficient marketing efforts.

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